Welcome to Our Game

Aftermath of Madness is a Vampire: the Masquerade campaign taking place in the modern nights of Denver, Colorado.  It is a continuation of a campaign that was concluded six years ago (c. 2010) by good friends and classmates.  We are excited to be picking up the threads of this world again to see what we may weave.

Our Own World of Darkness

The setting of this world is largely based in the World of Darkness as portrayed by the V20 edition of the Vampire Core and supplementals.  Some external materials will be incorporated as they fit the narrative, but we will mostly stick to what we are familiar with.

The specifics of our story may be found in the Wiki here.  The events recorded are portrayed as they would be to the player's characters, so some is imperfect, some is incomplete, and some is outright deception.  This is a world of secrets and lies, and the information inside will reflect that.  We hope you enjoy our story.

Aftermath of Madness

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