Into the Fire

Chapter 2 of The Knife's Edge

It is the duty of the scourge to identify, profile, and ultimately eliminate any and all undesirables within the domain, so it is no surprise that Todd Fox was aware of Martuk's presence in the city – though no one can now say to what extent.  Regardless of how much he knew about the Fiend himself, he did discover who slew the interloper.

Fox tracked down and confronted the coterie responsible for dusting the Tzimisce; he sharply reminded them that the right of destruction lay with the Prince, and as the Scourge that right was extended to him when dealing with vampires who do not present themselves to the Prince according to the traditions.  He proffered a path to clemency, stating that he would claim they were acting on his authority if they assisted him with another issue.

The Gangrel was set to investigate a series of forest fires around the Table Mesa area, suspecting the blazes were deliberately set. What they discovered there is a matter of debate.

The generally approved story is that they discovered a Sabbat shovel Party – over half a dozen crazed fledglings clawing their way out of the dirt after being murdered and buried by their collective sires.  While dealing with the newly birthed biters, Fox was waylaid by one of rites initiators.  The remainder of the coterie overpowered the assailant and dispatched the remaining shovel-heads.

While there is ample evidence the Sabaat rite took place, there are rumors that the cainites responsible were long gone – having set the fires in attempts to cover their trails.  Instead, these rumors place a few of Fox's trusted ghouls at the abandoned site ready to ambush his new 'friends'.  The coterie survived the trap, and slew Fox and his minions. 

Should these rumors bear any truth, one must question Fox's motives.  It is no secret that any given Gangrel may be harboring misgivings about the current situation in the Camarilla, hundreds have defected already; it is possible that Fox was being decidedly derelict in his duty, permitting certain cainites to maintain residence as they actively whittled away the Ivory Tower's defenses.  One such cainite may have been Martuk, who's sudden demise created a number of inconveniences for Fox.  It is possible the Scourge intended to dispose of the meddlesome coterie, claiming they were lost in a skirmish with the Sabbat.  An ironic interpretation of events, to be sure.

Into the Fire

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