Knifes Edge


This is by no means an exhaustive accounting of pivotal moments in those nights; what is recorded here is what has been deemed necessary to present the context of the current atmosphere.  These tales may be amended, should the current nights bring to the forefront details that may have previously been overlooked.  As motivations and realities are illuminated, so must we shift our perspective.

Introduction and Prologue

It began a decade prior, after the turn of the millennium, with The Decimation of the Tremere.  For such a sprawling area as Denver, where visitors of all shapes, sizes, and creeds are bound to stake their claims, the strength of the chantry was integral to the Camarilla's grip.  On the fateful night when that strength was broken, many who had been previously denied access found their way through the cracks.

The Story, as it's Told


Knifes Edge

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