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Shall We Introduce Ourselves?

Below is a brief overview of the beginnings of this campaign, further details can be explored through the Table of Contents.

About the Players

We are a group of friends and former classmates who used to meet on campus to play Vampire: the Masquerade (Revised Ed).  Six years later, improved online playing capabilities has allowed us to reunite to further explore the world we had wrought (with V20 rules).  Information found here should be considered fluid, as even the players are on occasion in the dark about what truly has occurred.  Couple intrigue with imperfect memory and it becomes anyone's guess as to the reliability of any information found.

The Player Characters

Gareth Morne
Vincent Mancini

The Setting

We base our story in the modern nights of a horror-stricken Denver, Colorado, which has seen a tide of upheavals in the balance of power over the past couple decades. The kindred in these nights must deal with all the wonder and danger of modern technology without turning their backs on the ancient powers of tradition and blood.

Aftermath of Madness

The story takes place just a few years after the sequence of events remembered as the Knife's Edge, the prior campaign which saw such things as the purge of infernalists and a regime change within the Camarilla of the city.  Some of the players will reprise the roles of their characters from that time, while others will bring new characters to life; all will be affected by the history we've forged.

Table of Contents

The Knife's Edge – Previous Campaign

Denver for Devilry

A look at the general area in the World of Darkness

The Departed and Damned

A listing of notable vampires to meet their final end in Denver

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