Nocturnal Beasts

Chapter 2 of The Knife's Edge

  • Prologue – The Decimation of the Tremere

A new denizen had made a mockery of the prince, Beaumonte DuPeaux, by disappearing exotic animals from the Denver Zoo.  The potency of this insult lay in the location, as the zoo is less then a mile from the Denver Museum of Science and Natural History, the primary location of Elysium and hub of all Camarilla Conclaves in the city. It was after one of these conclaves (during which 3 Tremere Fledglings were officially presented to the prince) that the prince called for the formation of a coterie of neonates to investigate this bestial caper.

The coterie were able to espy a Tzimitsce operating in the zoo compound itself, harvesting some of the more valuable predators as fodder for chimeras.  The coterie put down the abominations, but were unable to slay the Cainite responsible.

Looking for leads, one of the coterie reached out to his sire, one Eli James.  Eli drove them to a residence in Aurora, implying they might find information inside.  He wasn't wrong.  Inside the unassuming brick house was a hidden fortified cellar, the haven of Martuk – another Fiend, more vicious that the previous one they encountered.  Many have learned too late that the worst insult given to a Fiend is to enter his home uninvited.  Martuk tutored the coterie in his Zulo (Horrid) form. The they apologized with bullets and blades.

Nocturnal Beasts

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