The Departed and Damned

Immortality is not Guaranteed

The nightlife in Denver the past couple decades has been tumultuous, to say the least.  For some, the skirmishes and plots have reaped bounties of wealth, power, and fame; for others, the only fruit to bear was final death.  Below are some of the names of the more noteworthy kindred no longer stalking in the night.

Beaumonte DuPeaux

NPC – Ventrue Prince

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Corthius Valtere

NPC – Tremere Regent, Primogen

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Todd Fox

NPC – Gangrel Scourge

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Assamite Mercenary

Details not yet recorded

Raca Kahn

PC, Brent - Assamite Renegade

Not much is known of this kindred bearing the moniker Caine's Fool, he disappeared within a few months of making his presence known to the prince.

John Martinez

PC, Brent – Brujah Judge

A walking time bomb, if you ask me – which makes that incident with the coffee shop all the more hilarious.  It does beg the question, who runs an all night coffee shop?  Also, why would anyone want to blow up such an establishment?  Was Martinez a target of an attack, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will a barista ever pronounce my name correctly?

Eli James

NPC – Malkavian Anarch

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NPC – Tzimisce Pyromaniac

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The Departed and Damned

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