Aftermath of Madness

Buried Secrets

Should the past remain in the shroud?

Joe, Gareth, Vincent and Zahra all awoke within their respect havens this evening.  Zahra, wishing to keep tabs on the assamite interests in the area, had Ranjit drive her to an area in Castle Rock where she could lie in wait for the vehicle she had seen the night before:

I guess I should have known I couldn’t hide forever. One way or another, I’m sure someone would have found me. At least this way, it was more or less on my terms…

I had managed to avoid detection by other Kindred for awhile. Keeping to the hills and letting my ghoul go to town for me (if I ever needed him to) was working just fine. Until I got that blasted phone call. A call alerting me that an Assamite was looking into my whereabouts. If my heart could still beat, it would have been hammering against my ribs just then. What would an Assamite want with me? I’ve had enough dealings with them to stay away at all costs. The mystery caller wouldn’t identify himself or the reason this Assamite wanted to find me. That left me no choice. I couldn’t let any Cainite surprise me on my haven. I would have to find this Assamite and learn what he was up to.

I flew off, literally, into the city I swore I would stay out of. I found this Assamite and a couple of others. One looked like a child. A very well-dressed child. I followed them to this child’s haven. After some time, I found out where this Assamite wanted to go.

I had my faithful ghoul, Ranjit, drive me and one of my dogs to Castle Rock. I would have taken the whole pack, but that would have been too conspicuous. After waiting for some time, I saw a black Cadillac pull into the parking lot of the storage facility. It was the Assamite. If he noticed me, he didn’t retaliate. I waited a few minutes before I decided to snoop around his car. Not much luck. And to top it off, the other two from the previous night’s entourage showed up. I hissed (not quite like a snake, I’m not that far gone yet), knowing there wasn’t any good in running. I would have to stand my ground.

After some heated introductions, I reluctantly followed the group. All hairs were standing on end as we walked to one particular shed. Everything was telling me to run, but I was frozen in place. The Assamite unlocked the freezer that was in the storage bay and pulled out a familiar body. Jarek. I took in an unneeded breath, praying to whatever benevolent creator, that Jarek would not wake up. 

Shit. Of course he did. Jarek’s eyes turned to me. He asked my name. I gave it, knowing better than to be on this Assamite’s bad side. Jarek wondered what had happened to our old coterie. I answered what I could, trying not to reveal too much with the other Kindred around. Jimmy -disappeared. Prince Beaumonte -dead. Eli -dead infernalist. Jarek was surprised at this outcome. The other Assamite, Joe, interrupted. He kept going on about wanting to transport Jarek out of Denver. Jarek refused to leave. Finally I volunteered my place. There are some perks to never being on the grid.

After leaving Jarek at my haven, we went back to the morgue. Joe believed this Dorian . might know how to take care of Jarek’s Internet problem. When their talk was done, Dorian gave me a knowing look. Somehow, he knew something of what happened all those years ago. What was more, he seemed to understand and was on my side in the matter. He said there were others who felt the same and wished for the wrongs to be righted, or some shit like that.

As I was absorbing this information, the child, Vincent, received a call. He’d been waiting for this call. And it was of utmost importance that I go with him… to the Tremere chantry. Ugh, I can’t deny a child’s request, even a creepy one. 

We all went to this library. Fortunately, not many people were about. We filed in and were led to a certain section and were told to give a sample of blood to bypass the Tremere security. Joe decided to sit this one out. The rest of us gave up a drop and continued on our way. Their wizardry freaks me out, but security is vital. Especially with what happened to them years ago.

We were led to an area of the library where the Tremere  points Vincent to a severed body part. I look away, completely disgusted. The Tremere want answers to how and why their chantry was invaded. Vincent performs his sorcery and this wraith appears. However, Vincent isn’t able to control it and these black tendrils attacked us. I screamed. Somehow, Gareth was able to control this darkness. Next thing I know, these images are flashing through my head. It seems everyone can see them, for the Tremere demands to know who these two are. I have to tell them what I know. What humanity I have left demands that I do.

I tell all present who these two abominations are. Eli and Martuk. They had a small army of ghouls and kine break into the chantry, during the day, and staked most of the Tremere in their sleep. The pinned warlocks were easy prey for the conspirators.  What’s more, Eli was a infernalist. The Tremere demanded to know their whereabouts. I explained how Jarek, Scruffy Jimmy, some others, and myself had taken care of the bastards. “Even though Elise had ordered the bloodhunt on Eli, she still wants our heads because we took care of him without explicit permission,” I explained, a bit hot-temperedly. “She didn’t clear it through the proper channels.” 

The Tremere thanked me. They, too, believe that what we did was right. And should I need them, I could call on them. I thanked them, stunned by their offer. These nights, you need all the help you can get.



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