Aftermath of Madness

Some Nights later

A new horror is emerging

Some stuff happened.  To be filled in later.

Let's see what we remember… the order may not be entirely correct.

Broken Badly

After much work and many called in favors and a few more promised, Joe managed to arrange for Jarek to be smuggled across the southern border.  It didn't take long for one of those markers to be pulled in as Salvador Jorge, a made man among the cartels, asked Joe to look into some disappearances.  Some of Jorge's acquaintances (who just happened to be pushers) had not been seen in some time.  Joe promised to see what he could dig up.

Calling on Gareth to aid him in the interviewing process, Joe canvassed the lower downtown area looking for whoever had contact with the low-rent dealers.  They learned that all three of them (Melanie, Johnathan, and C-Turtle) had been last seen at gatherings protesting Trump's election.  To a couple vampires with a few years of death behind them, people disappearing in large mobs was nothing special.  However, one witness did recall a man speaking to Melanie, and leading her out of the crowd without so much as a response from her.  When the witness described the man, Joe and Gareth had a pretty clear picture of what happened: after all, the stranger was none other than Nathaniel Schmidt, Tremere.

Needs Clarification

  • Zahra gets a call from disguised voice warning her the chimera man is back in town, near Stapleton
  • Joe and Gareth call Vincent because he was working w/ Tremere, call Zahra for historical context (if needed)
  • The episode in the Freak's Lab when Vincent Feeds. Creepy tables.
  • Vincent shows them stitched arm, trying to reanimate as a single unit.  Recognize's C-Turtle's tattoo as one of the experiments (stitched arm) that Tremere tried to get him to reanimate.
  • Coterie sneaks into abondoned airport, see 3 corpses practically identical laid out.  all appear to be stitched together.  They are nearly spotted by a Vzohd. Tehy book it outta there.
  • Zahra unsuccesfully hunts in park and is identified by Adam Guest, a publicly known ghoul of Michael's




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