Denver for Devilry

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High city, the jewel of the colorful state – Only in the last century has this great city become appealing to the denizens of the night; but she has always been host to a wide variety of others.


A Refuge for Beasts

To the direct west lay the Rocky Mountains, whose majestic wilderness harbor many – not least of which are the werewolves.  Riddled with old mining towns, some abandoned and some now flourishing tourist destinations, the mountain range and foothills provide innumerable places for shape-shifters and their allies to stake their claims.  Nature enthusiasts, thrill seekers, biologists, geologists, and many more find ample time and reason to disappear into the wild for weeks at a time, making it impossible to filter out the wolves from the sheep, so to speak.  The sheer proximity of the peaks and forests to the city kept kindred activity to a minimum long after its wealth and populace would have enticed any vampire to claim it as its domain.  To this day most kindred avoid venturing too far from pseudo-established boundaries, lest they stumble across a garou looking to sharpen her claws on a cainite's skull.

The Heart of the Soulless

An outsider may be excused for being ignorant the role Denver plays in the workings of the United States as a whole, but many of her residents fail to understand the scope of her reach.  Logistically, the city is in a prime position to relay administrative reach of the federal government all across the contiguous United States – centrally located, and at the mouth of the most traversed path through the continental divide.  While the advantages available from her location has waned over the years, bureaucracies are nothing if not bastions of routine; as communications technology improved, the federal facilities already in place just upgraded as needed in order to remain a hub of national administration.  Control of such a hub is not without opportunity, and while graft was not unheard of, the truly enterprising recognized the real treasure would be military funded research – thus the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, within easy reach of the Air Force Academy and prime patron for the developers of tactical weapons and vehicles.

A Fertile Crescent of Innovation

The blend of military funding, government networking needs, and an an aesthetically pleasing locale congeals into a place rife for exploring new sciences and technologies.  Universities are stocked with fresh minds ready for new ideas, luring entrepreneurs who strive to grasp the momentum of change.  To most kindred, this just means a less transient feeding supply than ski tourists, the Tremere, however, claim they can feel reality itself stretching sometimes…

Denver for Devilry

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