The Promethean

Jasmine Hargrove is a Promethean, a Wretched, to be precise – made up of a composite of corpses.  She was built for acrobatic athleticism, a weapon of vengeance. She has never had a soul.

Captured by the Tremere in Boulder in about 1998, she had been the subject of many tests and experiments.  The Decimation permitted her the opportunity to escape.  It was obvious that they were attempting to create their own versions, but were entirely unsuccessful.  What havoc might they wreak with such powerful creatures bent to their will?

After escaping she ran across someone who claimed he could fix her – but his powers proved inadequate to the task.  Even if he could fix her face, she would still be a shell, albeit a prettier one.  He spoke of the merits of freedom, yet did not let her stray from his confinements.  When she saw him making replicas of her from fresh kills, she knew she had to leave.

She wishes she could leave this horrible city, but she still needs to find it… that which brought her maker here… the thing he left her for.

The Promethean

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